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Introducing the world’s first zero water discharge, room temp, zinc phosphate technology.

Zinc phosphate has evolved

Can you imagine a Zinc Phosphate technology with zero water discharge, that operates at room temperature and produces a coating with superior adhesion and corrosion properties? Imagine no more.

Zero Water Discharge

The Phosfan zinc phosphate process discharges no water and needs no wastewater treatment.

Room Temperature Technology

The process operates at room temperature. The liquid stage is maintained at 32°C to ensure process consistency.

Extended Corrosion Resistance

The technology produces a zinc phosphate coating that demonstrates extended corrosion resistance as a standalone coating and as a base for a topcoat – extending corrosion resistance by 30% or more.

Dig into the data.

Phosfan/HubbardHall has teamed with several topcoat technology suppliers. The positive data continues to accumulate – here is a sample. Contact us for more.

Phosfan Dorkan Report


Phosfan Magni Report


Endless applications. Excellent results.

Fasteners, springs, clips… steel, stainless steel, sintered metal. The possibilities are endless.





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In the Spring of 2018, Hubbard-Hall partnered with Israeli startup Phosfan to form the joint venture Phosfan/Hubbard-Hall. Leading edge technology, backed by six generations of excellence.

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